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Renovation Solution

Full Home Renovation

Upgrade as per current style and trend. Interior / exterior renovation will uplift the looks of your property

Home Furniture

Choose the best fit and customize as per your taste. Assured quality and finish that will stay for lifetime

Extension of Areas

As family grow and requirement change, it makes room for improvements. Add more utility for already existing one

Commercial Renovation

Engance the utilization of space, upgrade the look of the building and add more floors to the existing building

Living Room Renovation

Spend quality time together with family. Match your style with comfort and see the magic happen

Bedroom Renovation

A relaxing retreat from the pace of the day that you need. You will love to spend time here just by adding a fresh look

Bathroom Renovation

Adds value to your home, upgrade and update style, makes it better adapted to your current needs

Tiling/ Masonry/ Ceiling

New flooring options, exterior elevation, false ceiling is the new trend in renovations to one's home

Painting/ Roofing

A must needed maintenance every few years to avoid adverse damages to the building to keep in proper shape

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BigBangBuild is a Bangalore based construction company providing clients best services on time and within budget. Our years of experience in executing projects have gained us HAPPY CUSTOMERS that keeps us growing.

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